M & A

With both sell and buy side experience we will tailor a solution that is optimal to the need.

Sell side Advisory

Leveraging relationships formed over years and our experiences we achieve high degrees of market access and value for the organization

  • Company Preparation – Your company has been meticulously shaped into a well-running firm achieving its highest potential as an operating concern. We advise and structure your firm for acquisition and achieving the highest return.
  • Analyze & Forecast Financials – We help create an in-depth understanding of the financial story. This will be the company’s story and one the acquirer will rely on as they perform their diligence.
  • Market and Acquisition Targets – Knowing where to start can be daunting for owners. We’ve spent years developing deep relationships with buyers and understanding markets. After we assess the company we carefully review each potential buyer and find the best fit maximizing value for all parties.

Buy Side Advisory

Often our clients have an idea of the target acquisition, but some do not. In either case, we run a process to ensure a good fit and value for our client.

  • Strategy – Building a profile of an ideal acquisition and post-acquisition outcomes allows for a solid strategy and tactics to maintain focus during the process. Using this profile, we source targets and possibly unique otherwise unconsidered opportunities.
  • Target – Not every company will seek to be acquired. We spend time ensuring there is proper alignment between all parties. In some cases that takes patience and perseverance. We create synergies overtime when necessary to ensure the proper outcomes.
  • Advising – We maintain a robust network and knowledge of the industries we practice in, allowing our team to provide key insights and open the appropriate doors when the timing is right.

Private Capital Raises

Growth Capital

Market opportunities abound whether as part of an acquisition strategy or to capture market share capital is needed to take advange of those opportunities. We have the network and experience to bring that capital to work.

  • Strategy – The most important tool is the plan. Knowing what the objective best result can be and how the company will execute to achieve it is paramount to raising funds. We work with the company to create a comprehensive plan designed to be a guide throughout the process. Ridged enough to ensure focus, but flexible enough to account for the changes that will inevitably need to be made.
  • Forecasting – Second in importance to the strategy is the detail financial forecast for a range of capital receipt and post funding. Ensuring a defensible and strong forecast will bring comfort to the funding partner, how they will reap their returns, and how the company will measure the success of the strategy.
  • Company Alignment – Investors look for key indicators when providing capital. Our process includes aligning the company to meet the investor’s expectations to make the decision-making process simpler and efficient ensuring the maximum value to the company.

Debt Raises

Banking and non-banking entities are eager to deploy capital to highly functioning companies of all sizes and in many industries. Having long term extensive relationships with debt providers we work with our clients to achieve favorable terms with trusted partners.

  • Financials – Preparing financial models for debt partners is the first step. These will be forward looking and detailed showing deep amounts of planning ensuring a level of comfort to the debt partners. Having all the financial models and historical financials optimized and packaged make the process the most efficient.
  • Cash Flow – Based on the models and the needs of the company we advise on optimal cashflows and structure that debt providers will be seeking when making a decision.
  • Terms – Understanding the options available and the company strategy we align the debt partners and negotiate terms to provide the capital and duration needed for success.

Company Valuations

We analyze current value, identify levers for growth, and provide recommendations to grow equity value.

External Board of Advisors

We serve as an external board of advisors to help early-stage companies redefine their strategy in accordance with market trends and investor